Aaron Brockett’s 2020 priorities

Councilman Brockett submitted the following 10 priorities for the 2020-2021 session:

  1. Comprehensive budget review / library district – “I think taking a close look at our budget and how it meets our city goals with a particular focus on equity is a critical project. I also want us to look at how a library district could help our library system grow and thrive”
  2. CU South – “We need to get the plans for flood mitigation finalized as quickly as possible so we can implement flood protection.”
  3. Racial equity – “I look forward to following up on the racial equity resolution we passed recently and developing a robust racial equity work plan in collaboration with the community.”
  4. Vision Zero – “Among other things, we should bring back the design and construction standards for another look at how we can integrate safety principles more deeply into how we design our sidewalks, streets, bike facilities, etc.”
  5. Comprehensive Plan mid-term update – “I would like to see us do a first pass at Phase 2 of the Transit Village Area Plan (Boulder Junction). We could focus on areas along 30th Street and Pearl Parkway and … focus on housing opportunities.”
  6. Use Tables 2.0 – “I would like to see a priority on how the next phase of this project can enable more housing opportunities and 15-minute neighborhoods.”
  7. East Boulder Sub-community plan – “I hope to explore as part of the plan ways to encourage more mixed-use options in our East Boulder office parks.”
  8. Diagonal Plaza future – “I hope we can work with the property owners of Diagonal Plaza to enable a mixed-use, mixed-income transit-oriented redevelopment of the site.”

Brockett also had one suggestion to improve council process in 2020: To move council meetings to Thursday nights, from Tuesdays, which would allow “for more time between packet release and the meeting.”

See what Brockett campaigned on for re-election in 2019 here.

View Brockett’s 2019 financial disclosure form here.

Below are Brockett’s stated 2019 priorities:

    1. Use Tables and Site Review Criteria Updates
    2. Large Lots
    3. Open Space Master Plan
    4. Manufactured Housing Strategy
    5. Vision Zero
    6. Climate Commitment
    7. North Central Boulder Subcommunity Plan & Alpine-Balsam Area Plan
    8. Boulder Electric Utility
    9. Broadband
    10. Community Benefit
    11. Shared Equity Middle Income Program
    12. Transportation Master Plan
    13. Housing Advisory Board – ALREADY COMPLETED
    14. Commercial Linkage Fees – ALREADY COMPLETED

Other priorities to address:
Update of the homelessness strategy
Long’s Gardens preservation
Encourage more housing along 28th/30th Street and in industrial areas

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