Adam Swetlik’s 2020 priorities

Councilman Swetlik submitted a list of four priorities for the 2020-2021 session:

  1. Minimum wage increase – “Exploring the implementation of a $15 minimum wage in the city of Boulder”
  2. Limit fracking – “Putting additional rules in place to prevent fracking within Boulder City limits, while supporting efforts to do the same county-wide”
  3. Comprehensive housing approach – “Taking a more comprehensive and multi-layered approach to addressing Boulder’s unhoused population”
  4. Increase renter protections – “Implementing additional small changes to provide better security for renters, such as requiring an itemized list of services provided that come out of a renter’s security deposit, the service’s cost, and the business that provided the service upon the ending of a lease”

Swetlik made one process suggestion for the 2020 session:

  1. Community engagement – Hold “listening sessions” once per quarter with under-engaged segments of the community, for example: Gunbarrel, East Boulder, CU campus

See what Swetlik campaigned on here.

View Swetlik’s 2019 financial disclosure here.

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