Bob Yates’ 2020 priorities

Councilman Yates submitted eight priorities for the 2020-2021 session:

  1. Budget reform
  2. Muni check-in
  3. Transportation tax funding
  4. Broadway corridor transportation solutions
  5. CU South annexation decision
  6. Library funding decision
  7. EMS in-sourcing decision (for Boulder fire department)
  8. Diagonal Plaza future

Yates also made five suggestions for improving council process in 2020:

  1. Study sessions – “Reduce or eliminate fourth Tuesday study sessions”
  2. Council meetings: duration – “10:00 (p.m.) hard stop at council meetings”
  3. Legislative agenda formation – Yates suggested during the state and federal lobbying agenda formation that council members be able to rank and/or opt out of some of the city’s individual agenda items
  4. Comment register – “City register for initiative comments by community,” similar to the federal government’s practice for proposed policy changes
  5. Council: staff direction – “Clarification of standards for council direction of city manager and staff”

See what Yates campaigned on for re-election in 2019 here.

View Yates’ 2019 financial disclosure here.

Below, find Yates’ stated 2019 priorities:

1. Use tables, site review criteria, and community benefit
2. North Central Boulder sub community and Alpine-Balsam plan
3. Shared equity middle income housing program
4. Manufactured housing strategy
5. Large lots
6. Climate commitment
7. Broadband
8. Open Space Master Plan
9. Transportation Master Plan
10. Vision Zero
11. Boulder electric utility
12. Commercial linkage fees
13. Housing Advisory Board

Other issues to consider:
Update of homelessness strategy
Hill commercial district revitalization
Diagonal Plaza revitalization
CU South annexation
Long’s Garden preservation

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