City Council 2018-2019 priorities

At the 2018 agenda, City Council set a workplan for the next two years. It consisted of 14 items. They are listed below, in roughly the order council has expressed it would prioritize them for 2019. 

Use Table and Site Review Criteria Update

Update regulations governing what can be built where

Progress: Council has not yet discussed

For 2019: Tentative council study session in third quarter, with action to follow

Community Benefit

Determine what can be contributed by development projects (affordable housing, public art, open space, etc.) in exchange for increased height or density

Progress: Community engagement; research. Council discussed in August and determined housing affordability was the highest priority

For 2019: Update to council via info packet in January; continued public engagement with another project update in April

Large home, large lots

Develop ways to discourage the building of larger homes in low-density areas

Progress: Council study session in September. An emergency vote to consider a ban on homes of a certain size was scheduled for Oct. 15. The moratorium was abandoned and a Dec. discussion directed staff to pursue quick action.

For 2019: Continued engagement with Planning Board and council public hearings mid-year on land use issues. Phase 2 includes infill options; work to begin mid-year with council, planning board public hearings and implementation at end-of-year.

Subcommunity Planning

Development of localized planning efforts specific to certain areas of Boulder

Progress: City Council study session on subcommunity boundaries and prioritization 

For 2019: Discussion at Jan. 15 council meeting

Manufactured Housing Strategy

Adopt a plan to preserve and improve existing homes and develop more

Progress: Initiated in September; staff work in progress; council has yet to discuss

For 2019: Feb 26 study session; June consideration of mobile home strategy

Shared Equity Middle Income Program

Proposal from councilmen Sam Weaver and Bob Yates to create a down payment assistance pilot for middle-income earners; in exchange, homes will be deed-restricted permanently affordable

Progress: White paper created; council has not discussed this item

For 2019: Discussion scheduled for Feb. 19

Alpine-Balsam Area Plan

Create a site plan and determine possible uses

Progress: Council update in January; public outreach and board/commission feedback May to November; City Council feedback in November. More housing, fewer offices desired at the former BCH hospital site

For 2019: Update before council planned for Feb. 12

Climate Commitment

The city’s ongoing efforts to combat climate change

Progress: Boulder’s waste diversion numbers (the amount of trash sent somewhere other than the landfill) reached 51 percent. Energy efficiency regulations for rentals reached 90% compliance. Outdoor Lighting Ordinance in full effect; enforcement to begin next year. Council study session in October considered implementation of additional car registration fee, with funds to go toward climate goals.

For 2019: January study session; May, proposed ballot item for natural gas consumption tax. Resolution for energy and climate requirements for city facilities by mid-year. Council action on vehicle climate impact fee in late 2019. Continued updates/enforcement of existing programs such as SmartRegs, marijuana energy offsets, zero waste ordinance, etc.

Electric utility development (colloquially referred to as “muni”)

Continued efforts to separate from Xcel and establish city-run utility

Progress: City, Xcel in October reached agreements on separation as mandated by Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Council re-authorized condemnation of Xcel’s assets in December if parties couldn’t agree on costs.

For 2019: Condemnation could begin after Feb. 1; continued council updates anticipated

Vision Zero

Goal to eliminate traffic-related serious injuries and fatalities 

Progress: Vision Zero formally adopted in March; 140 changes at high-crash intersections;  education campaign; council held study session on progress in Oct.

For 2019: Action plan finalized, to council by end of March

Transportation Master Plan Update

Regular update of city’s transportation vision and values

Progress: Council discussed at Vision Zero session in Oct.

For 2019: Ongoing public engagement; council study session by mid-year. Finalized plan update is scheduled for July/August consideration by TAB, council.

Open Space Mountain Parks Master Plan

Regular update of strategy for Boulder’s open space and parks

Progress: Focus areas OK’d by council in July, followed by public engagement

For 2019: Joint study session with council, Open Space Board by mid-year to discuss priorities and financials; draft master plan to council in summer/fall for review via information packet. Final master plan approval to follow.


Establishing a city-owned fiber internet network

Progress: Council in June OK’d debt financing to fund the construction of the network’s backbone. In December, Denver-based Magellan Advisors was tapped for its design. Operation model is still being discussed.

For 2019: Anticipated council discussion in late summer/fall

Housing Advisory Board

Create a board to advise council on housing issues

Progress: Created and filled in April; ballot measure OK’ed adding two seats to the board

For 2019: Feb. 5 first consideration of an ordinance to add two members to board; second reading and public hearing scheduled for March 5.

Commercial Linkage Fees

Increase the amount developers pay into the affordable housing fund for new projects

Progress: Upped in April to $30 per sq ft

For 2019: NA; priority achieved


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