Junie Joseph’s 2020 priorities

Councilwoman Joseph set 12 priorities for the 2020-2021 session:

  1. CU South – “Ensure the continues process for the annexation”
  2. Vision Zero – “Examine/research traffic turn management strategies that prioritize pedestrians and bicyclists (in high collision areas)”
  3. Financial review – “Support the budget review that prioritized basic/necessary services and community needs”
  4. Open Space management – “Ecosystem protection and open space management”
  5. Muni – “Ensuring that the municipalization process is on track for 2021”
  6. Intergovernmental Relations – “Foster strong relationships and participate in regional cooperative meetings in order to advocate for Boulder’s best interest”
  7. Boards and commissions – “Diversification of Board and Commission (gender, race socio-economic balance”
  8. Bilingual emergency communications – “City’s emergency communications should be provided in both Spanish and English”
  9. Enhance housing choice: planning reserve – “Examine the possibility of building housing int he Planning Reserve, where it can be done with less friction to existing neighborhoods. Following the process in the Comp Plan, FY2020 have staff begin a baseline urban services study and complete by FY2021”
  10. Enhance housing choice: community benefit – “Examine the feasibility of adding housing to the Phase II community benefit and associates site review criteria update”
  11. Improve human services – “Find a balance between securing housing for those who are homeless but also provide more day services for those who (are) chronically homeless, especially during the winter months; Have the SWS open all day during the winter months or an in crease of the SW threshold from 32 degrees to 50 degrees; Pilot … an online reporting survey system”
  12. Protect small businesses – “Protecting small businesses while promoting economic diversity and vitality”

Joseph submitted two suggestions for improved council process in 2020:

  1. Improve the elections process – “Provide all aspiring city council members a copy of the (city) Charter once they have successfully been through the petition signing process”
  2. Zero-waste elections – “Requirement that all money and reusable non-perishable materials be donated to a Boulder-based local nonprofit. Consequently, the Clerk’s office FY2020 should compile and maintain a list of local nonprofits to be provided to aspiring city council members (for) FY2021.”

See what Joseph campaigned on here.

View Joseph’s 2019 financial disclosures here.

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