Mark Wallach’s 2020 Priorities

Councilman Wallach submitted four priorities for the 2020-2021 session:

  1. Airport adaptive reuse – “The possibility of adaptively reusing the Boulder Municipal Airport for the purpose of creating affordable and middle-income housing is contemplated in the 2015 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. … At the point, I am advocating for nothing other than the modest resources required to conduct adequate research and be able to come back to the council with a suggestion as to whether deactivation is even worth contemplating.”
  2. Budget prioritization – “Prioritize the unfunded needs of our various departments. At a total of $360M, these needs have become completely divorce from reality and, as such, the various departmental plans have ceased to be meaningful.”
  3. Funding open space – “Begin to explore alternative, fee-based financing mechanism for Open Space. Despite the dedicated sales tax passed in 2019, maintenance and impact costs for the 6M users of Open Space will continue to grow well beyond the amount of those revenues. … We need to at least explore the possibilities of annual/day use fees, parking fees, etc.”
  4. Increase protections for manufactured home communities – “Continue our efforts to protect residents of manufactured home communities. Consider possible next steps, dedicates staff person(s), right of first refusal to purchase, negotiated rent stabilization of pad rents, etc.”

Wallach made the following four suggestions to improve council process in 2020:

  1. Duration – “Firm commitment to terminate meetings by 10:00” p.m.
  2. Date – Possibly moving the meeting to Thursday, but keep CAC (scheduling) meetings on Monday
  3. Public hearings – “Limit public hearings to two per meeting, unless it is very clear, in the judgement (of) CAC, that none of the hearings is particularly controversial”
  4. Criteria (for) emergencies – “Formulate specific criteria to determine what constitutes an appropriate emergency measure”

See what Wallach campaigned on here.

View Wallach’s 2019 financial disclosure form here.

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