Mary Young’s 2020 priorities

Councilwoman Young submitted for consideration the following seven priorities for the 2020-2021 council session:

  1. Financial review – “Deep dive into budget”
  2. Use Tables 2.0
  3. Community benefits Phase II / Site review criteria updates
  4. Vision Zero
  5. East Boulder Sub-community plan
  6. GARE work
  7. South Boulder Creek flood mitigation

Young also suggested the following five improvements to council process for 2020:

  1. Council meetings: run of show – “Rotate chair role among council members for study sessions”
  2. Criteria: Nod of 5/Resolutions – “Identify criteria for nods of five and resolutions”
  3. Renaming the muni building – “Name the Municipal Building the Pennfield Tate II Municipal Building”
  4. Criteria: boards and commissions – “Allow persons with ‘close ties to Boulder’ to serve on boards and commissions”
  5. Council pay – “With no increase, change council pay from per meeting to monthly”

View Young’s 2019 financial disclosure form here.

Below are Young’s stated 2019 priorities:

1. Use Tables and Site Review Criteria Updates
2. Community Benefit
3. Manufactured Housing Strategy
4. Large Lots
5. Shared Equity Middle Income Program
6. Open Space Master Plan
7. Boulder Electric Utility
8. Vision Zero
9. Climate Commitment
10. North Central Boulder Subcommunity Plan & Alpine-Balsam Area Plan
11. Transportation Master Plan
12. Broadband
13. Commercial Linkage Fees
14. Housing Advisory Board

Other issues to consider:

Opportunity Zone-related
1. Establishment of a publicly administered Social Impact Opportunity Fund (SIOF)
to ensure that OZ functions as per stated intention, provide transparency and
serve as an opportunity for philanthropic investors.
2. Manufactured Housing Strategy should include and accelerate rent stabilization
ordinance and explore partnerships to address aging infrastructure as there are
two mobile home parks within the OZ
3. Evaluate potential increase to Inclusionary Housing percentage in the OZ.
4. Define OZ oversight metrics
5. Preservation/rehabilitation of market rate affordable housing stock. There are
many “market rate” affordable units within the OZ that could benefit from
investment in rehabilitation without displacement of current residents.
6. Affordable Commercial as there are many small businesses within the OZ
7. Prioritization of the East Boulder sub-community plan as much of this area is
within the OZ – willing to postpone
Central Boulder sub-community plan

Not related to Opportunity Zone
8. Update Towing Ordinance to include licensing
9. Long’s Garden Preservation
10. Bias-motivated crimes amendment to Human Rights Ordinance
11. Review feasibility of Community Wide EcoPass
12. Bilingual pay for staff members who provide translation services

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