Mirabai Nagle’s 2020 priorities

Councilwoman Nagle set two priorities for the 2020-2021 council session:

  1. Budget prioritization – “Explore ways to fund EMS, the library and transportation as well as looking at expenses for city fleet, etc. for ways to reallocate funding”
  2. Ongoing project support – “Continued focus on many of our existing projects that are in the pipeline”

Nagle also made one suggestion to improve council process in 2020, to eliminate meetings on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Council already does not hold meetings if there are five Tuesdays in one calendar month.

Nagle’s 2019 financial disclosure form has not yet been submitted. View her 2018 financial disclosures here.

Below are Nagle’s stated 2019 priorities:

  1. Community Benefit
  2. Use Tables and Site Review Criteria Updates
  3. North Central Boulder Subcommunity Plan & Alpine-Balsam Area Plan
  4. Manufactured Housing Strategy
  5. Shared Equity Middle Income Program
  6. Large Lots
  7. Climate Commitment
  8. Boulder Electric Utility
  9. Broadband
  10. Open Space Master Plan
  11. Transportation Master Plan
  12. Vision Zero
  13. Commercial Linkage Fees
  14. Housing Advisory Board
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