Rachel Friend’s 2020 priorities

Councilwoman Friend set the following 11 priorities for the 2020-2021 session:

  1. SB Creek flood mitigation – “Firm schedule/timeline with dates. To ensure money and time are not wasted on non-viable plans, request OSBT agree in writing to disposal if specified criteria are met. Engagement process + annexation of CU South in 2020.”
  2. Racial equity in CRJ – “Eliminate conflicts of interest, emphasize transparency and reduction in power imbalances. Audit policies for alignment (with) sanctuary city. Criteria for new police chief hire to city manager.”
  3. Vison Zero / Transportation equity – “Implement Vizino Zero with vigor. Emphasize traffic calming and safety for year-round active modes of transportation. Abandon or change (neighborhood) Eco-pass program to increase ridership and equity. Parking reforms. … First/last-mile solutions.”
  4. Comprehensive budget review / library district – “Emphasis on equity, safety, basic services”
  5. CMAP (Climate Mobilization Action Plan) – “Collect in-commuter data/emissions data, study nexus between climate + housing density / transportation / social justice”
  6. East Boulder Sub-community plan – “Mixed-use zoning / housing opportunities”
  7. Use Tables 2.0 – “Permanently affordable / workforce housing”
  8. Community Benefits Phase 2
  9. Muni
  10. Existing project completion
  11. Homeless strategy – “Focus on issues above and finish the job; finish projects already started/studied.”

Friend also suggested the following process 10 changes:

  1. Council meetings – “Reduce anxiety for those testifying. To consider: Seated testimony, bringing mic to speaker; video testimony, lowering the dais. Ask community what would help.”
  2. Public testimony – “Improve accessibility / inclusivity for those testifying. Childcare, off-site meetings. Ask community what would help.”
  3. Council meetings – “Meetings done by 10 p.m. so members of public and staff can safely get home to families, get to sleep timely, etc.”
  4. Public testimony – “Public hearings or heavy public interest items moved to beginning of meetings”
  5. Public testimony – “Make it easier to anticipate if/when one may be testifying. Both open comment (why have both lottery and night-of slots? Arguably adds to confusion / uncertainty) and public comment.
  6. Engagement framework – “Have council, advisory boards and staff recommit to using the engagement process that has already been approved. o not force staff and interested parties to re-litigate issues late in the process or engage in circular or redundant process
  7. Improve transparency – “Bring discussions to the meeting. City council members talking to staff behind scenes: history issue of council members implicitly directing or giving staff the impression that council members might ‘prefer’ an outcome.”
  8. Advisory boards – “Reduce or eliminate ‘partisan’ appointments. Ensure more inclusive/diverse representation. Would also like to see board members be given more city benefits.”
  9. Improved governance – “Where feasible, have ‘pros and cons’ neutrally laid out as part of staff memos, in conjunction with recommendations.”
  10. Improved governance: elections – “Change voting method for a more representative and democratic result. Evaluate whether nine is the right number of council members … and pay a living wage so more residents could consider taking on this job. Consider direct-elect mayor. Disincentive yard sign use, or incentivize more sustainable options.”

See what Friend campaigned on here.

View Friend’s 2019 financial disclosure here.

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