Sam Weaver’s 2020 priorities

Councilman Weaver sent in 11 priorities for the 2020-2021 session, broken up by current work and new projects:

Current Work:

  1. Continue racial equity work, complete work plan and begin implementation
  2. Continue climate mobilization action plan efforts
  3. Continue Vision Zero implementation with focus on ped and bike safety, clearer rules
  4. Continue muni work – proceed into condemnation and work on utility budget scenarios
  5. Continue South Boulder Creek flood mitigation efforts
  6. Continue community benefits Phase II
  7. Continue use table review for remaining zone districts
  8. Continue East Boulder subcommunity plan
  9. Complete library financial review, decide on library district

Additional Potential Work Plan Items:

  1. Deep study of budget process with focus on equity and climate
  2. Study parameters and implement a fair city-wide minimum wage

Weaver also suggested five changes to council procedure

Council Procedures:

  1. Reaffirm the ‘no surprises’ rule
  2. Review HOTLINE rules
  3. Change CAC meetings to Monday afternoon (near term)
  4. Change Council meetings to Thursday evening, CAC to Tuesday afternoon
  5. Rotate which Council member leads study sessions

Below, find Weaver’s stated 2019 priorities:

1. Use Tables Review (OZ zones as a priority) and Site Plan Review Criteria Updates
2. Community Benefit
3. Shared Equity Middle Income Program
4. Manufactured Housing Strategy
5. Large Homes/Large Lots
6. North Central Boulder Subcommunity Plan & Alpine-Balsam Area Plan
7. Open Space Master Plan
8. Boulder Electric Utility
9. Vision Zero
10. Climate Commitment
11. Transportation Master Plan
12. Broadband
13. Commercial Linkage Fees DONE
14. Housing Advisory Board DONE

Other issues to consider:

1. CU-South annexation
2. Hill hotel project/Hill improvements
3. Homelessness
4. Macy’s re-development
5. Diagonal Plaza re-development

Weaver has not yet submitted his 2019 financial disclosure form. View his 2018 financial disclosures here.

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