Celeste Landry


Celeste Landry has lived in 4 continents – some as a foreign-service baby – but has called Boulder home since 1994. Her name is a dead giveaway that she is Cajun; she grew up in Lafayette (LAUGH-ee-yet), Louisiana. She has taught preschool to college students; mostly math, science and English as a second language.

With degrees in math and operations research, she has worked in two different Boulder-area manufacturing companies. Her favorite mode of transport is her bicycle. She has two daughters and a famous-in-his-field (2001) amputee (2004) husband. She likes to read books and newspapers, discuss politics, hike and play bridge.

Local Involvement and Disclosures

League of Women Voters of Boulder County Voting Methods Team co-leader
(Celeste writes for BBOP as an individual, not as a representative of LWV)


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