Local Gov’t 101: Who you gonna call?

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Gov’t 101 is full of helpful hints on where to go and who to call if you need information or have questions. To make them even more helpful, we’ve pulled everything together in one convenient place.

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Where to go…

To report an issue or ask questions about city services

Routing of Enforcement Requests

Boulder Police Department- Code Enforcement Unit
Jennifer Riley, Code Enforcement Supervisor: 303-441-1877
Report a violation: Non-Emergency Dispatch, 303-441-3333
General Information: 303-441-1875
Noise, party, non-mechanical, Special Trash Service, Signs in the ROW, Weeds, Sidewalk, snow Removal, Wood Burning, Trash, Plowing Snow into ROW, Inoperable Vehicles, Outdoor Furniture Visible, Emissions Vehicular, Noise, Smoking in Public Places, Pesticides, Blocking ROW Election Signs, Lighting in Public Spaces 

Boulder Police Department- Parking Complaints
Report a violation: Non-Emergency Dispatch, 303-441-3333
Parking Enforcement Supervisor, Parking Services General Information, 303-413-7300
M, W, TH & F 8-4, Tues 9-4:30
Parking in ROW issues, RV/Campers over 24hr, Parking in front yards

P&DS Enforcement Unit

Jon Bergelin, Code Compliance Supervisor, 303-441-3173 

P&DS Zoning Enforcement
Karl Eckinger, 303-441-4284
Occupancy. Home Occupation, Lighting on private property, Illegal Units, OAU/ADU, Historic Preservation, Banners, Illegal Uses/Zoning, Parking in Setbacks/Private property, Sign Code Violations, Selling from a Mobile Structure, Sandwich boards (not in ROW), Selling from Tents 

P&DS Building Safety Enforcement
Kevin Bennett, 303-441-3879
Jon Bergelin, 303-441-3173
Dangerous Buildings, Property Maintenance Code, MMJ License support, Work without Permits, Fence Violations, HVAC, Noise Support, Building Code Violations, Housing Code Violations 

P&DS Rental Licensing Enforcement
Jenn Ross, 303-441-3239
Kimberly Barnett, 303-441-4239
Long-Term Rentals, Short-Term Rentals, 
Nuisance Abatement 

P&DS Right of Way (ROW) Unit
Mark Garcia, Eng Permit and Inspection Supervisor, 303-441-3291
Clint Hirschfeld, 303-441-7126
Darren Martinez, 303-441-7129
Dave Hirschfeld, 303-441-7128
Sight Triangles, ROW Encroachments, PODS in ROW, Erosion Control, Revocable Permits, Utility Violations, Ground Water Discharge Tracking, Mud into ROW Stormwater Violations 

Public Works – Utilities
Canidice Owen, 303-413-7329
Program Supervisor S
torm Water Quality 

To see a calendar of city events

To watch city council meetings

If you want to know who your elected officials are

To contact local elected officials

If you want to read emails to and from city council members

To sign up for public email posts from city council members

To see city council’s schedule

To sign up to speak at a city council meeting

To view council meeting agendas and materials

To find information about the city’s boards and commissions

To apply for a board or commission

To find information about department heads

For information in Spanish

Who to contact…

If you’re not sure where to go with your question or concern
Brenda Ritenour: 303-441-1895, ritenourb@bouldercolorado.gov

If you need translation at city meetings or events
303-441-1905 or sifuentesm@bouldercolorado.gov

If you need help mediating a dispute (neighbor-to-neighbor, landlord/tenant, etc.)
303-441-4364, mediation@bouldercolorado.gov

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