Boulder Beat Opinion Panel

16-member panel will write peer-edited and fact-checked editorial content

March 14, 2022

Boulder Beat, an independent, reader-supported, digital news outlet in Boulder, is expanding its editorial offerings with the launch of a new opinion section and community board. Opinions + Perspectives will feature weekly op-eds from the BBOP Panel, as well as guest opinions and letters to the editor from community members. All content will be peer-edited and fact-checked by members of the Panel. 

The launch of Opinions + Perspectives complements Boulder Beat’s reporting on city government and local issues in Boulder. Modern social media allows more people than ever to comment on the news, but readers still want trusted sources for both news and opinion to challenge one-sided narratives and inform the community on key issues.

One of the keys to building trust will be transparency about writers’ backgrounds and disclosures for their affiliations with local groups, boards or issues. Boulder Beat Opinion + Perspectives will create a new space for open, thoughtful, fact-oriented discussions about policy, events and news.

“The BBOP panel will offer the community a variety of perspectives on topics of local importance and an opportunity to participate in the dialogue,” said founding member Jane Hummer. “I’m excited to work with this large group of writers who share a commitment to engaging in thoughtful discourse grounded in data and lived experiences.”

“I was drawn to the Boulder Beat as a community writer and editor because I am interested in sharing thoughtful, fact-based and civilly minded content to the Boulder community.” said Doug Hamilton, another founding member.

Boulder Beat is creating a platform that’s built for local communities in the digital age. The news site is reader-funded, accessible without a paywall and easy to distribute online, with many ways to share and continue the dialogue.

“Like democracy, good journalism takes work. It takes a community. It takes constant questioning and continued engagement to get everyone at the table actively participating in the conversation,” said Shay Castle, founder and publisher of Boulder Beat.

“It is my hope that Opinions + Perspectives will provide an opportunity and platform for residents to engage in healthy, thoughtful and informed debate in a way that educates the community and helps us start seeing the value in the viewpoints of those with whom we disagree.”

The panel is accepting more writers and interested residents are encouraged to apply. Please send name, pronouns, relevant political or social affiliations and a writing sample using the Opinions and Perspectives Member Submission form.


– Shay Castle | Publisher, Boulder Beat News |
– Jane Hummer | Co-Founder, Boulder Beat Opinion Panel |
– Doug Hamilton | Co-Founder, Boulder Beat Opinion Panel |
– Ted Rockwell | Co-Founder, Boulder Beat Opinion Panel |

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