Homelessness 101

Welcome to Homelessness 101, an explainer series breaking down homelessness in Boulder County and beyond. Here, we’ll explore the demographics, causes and solutions to homelessness through expert interviews, peer-reviewed research and, most importantly, input from people with lived experience. Their perspective is incorporated throughout the series and has been specifically highlighted in some places.

The problem

Family homelessness with EFAA
COVID-era rent increases erasing decade of decreasing family homelessness, school district data shows

Youth homelessness with TGTHR
Boulder County has good system, but inflow from child welfare, juvenile justice systems never stops

Who, What, Where, When
Who is homeless in Boulder, and why is it so hard to get good data?

Are Boulder’s homeless “from here?” and other frequently asked questions – COMING SOON!
– What causes homelessness?
– What do drugs and mental illness have to do with it?
– Who is more likely to become homeless?
– Are Boulder’s homeless “from here?”?
– Do unhoused people come to Boulder for services?
– What is meant by the “criminalization of homelessness”?
– Homeless vs. Unhoused: What’s the right term?

Barriers to ending homelessness – individual
Publishing Fall 2022

Barriers to ending homelessness – systemic
Publishing Fall 2022

The solutions

Boulder County’s services: An overview
Publishing Fall 2022

What Boulder can learn from 3 places that have “zero” homelessness – COMING SOON!

What Boulder does well
Publishing Fall 2022

What Boulder can do better
Publishing Fall 2022

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