City Council 2022 priorities

2022 priorities / workplan

Find more information about each of these items on council members’ individual priority pages

Housing (staff will work on these, in this order, as time allows)

  1. Loosen restrictions on Accessory Dwelling Units (remove saturation limits, allow internal and external ADUs on one lot)
    Timeline: September 2022 study session on scope and plan
    November 2022-March 2023 – public engagement and council vote

  2. Update affordable housing requirements (to incentivize more middle-income housing and smaller, more affordable units)
    September/October 2022 study session on scope and plan
    November 2022-January 2023 – Options drafted and presented to the community
    February/March 2023 – Study session with revised options
    April-July 2023 – Council vote
  3. Change codes (such as open space and parking requirements) to incentivize smaller, more affordable units
    November study session on scope and plan
    December 2022-April 2023 – Consultant modeling, community outreach
    May 2023 – City council vote
  4. Launch middle-income down payment assistance program
    June 2022 – review previous work
    July/August 2022 – Request for proposals, hire consultant
    September/October 2022 – Design program and get feedback from city council
    January 2023: Launch program

Everything else

  1. Homelessness – Set up day shelter / service center
    April-June 2022: hire staff to expand capacity
    May/June 2022: Design community engagement, hire consultant
    June/July 2022: Community engagement
    August-October 2022: Start looking for building, resources
  2. Transportation – Launch the CAN (Core Arterial Network) planning process for adding protected bike lanes
    February/March 2022: Identify staff resources, scope community engagement
    June 2022: Submit application for regional/federal funding
    April-October 2022: Start Baseline Road project
    November 2022: Council study session
    November 2022 – March 2023: Design Baseline Road project, start Iris Avenue project
    April-June 2023: Construction of Baseline
    July-September 2023: Start Folsom project
  3. Occupancy limit reform
    April-July 2022: Review occupancy approaches in other cities
    July-September 2022: Develop regulatory options
    August-September 2022: Plan community engagement
    October/November 2022: City council study session
    December 2022-February 2023: Draft changes to city’s occupancy laws, present to council
  4. TVAP (Transit Area Village Plan) Phase 2
    July-September 2022: Council determination that Phase 1 is complete
    September 2022 – September 2023: Draft any necessary regulatory changes, plan for financing of key projects
    September-December 2023: Draft any necessary changes to Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan
  5. Urban services study for Area III Planning Reserve
    September-December 2022: Plan for community engagement and budget
    January-March 2023: Hire consultants to conduct study
    April-August 2023: Study completed
    September-December 2023: Planning Board, city council public hearings and recommendations
  6. 2022 ballot measure to move city council elections to even years
    February-April 2022: Bring issue to charter committee for consideration
    May 2022: Study session to discuss fall ballot items
    May-July 2022: Community engagement
    August 2022: Public hearing on ballot items

The above are listed in descending order according to how much support they received. Find a full vote total and breakdown below 

In the parking lot

Projects staff will get to as capacity allows; supported by a majority of council


  1. Reduce co-op licensing burden and fees
  2. Code changes to allow duplexes, triplexes on corner lots in RL-1 zoning districts

Everything else

  1. Study feasibility of free citywide bus service
  2. Re-establish election commission, to begin work in 2024
  3. Ballot measure to increase council pay
  4. Disaster resilience – flood and fire mitigation plan

Ongoing work

Projects supported by a majority of council that are already ongoing

  1. Disaster resilience – improve warning systems, safety-related building codes
  2. COVID recovery – outdoor dining, health guidance
  3. Nuisance ordinances – improving response to noise, parking, trash, etc.
  4. Higher minimum wage (being pursued by county)
  5. Fort Chambers tribal agreement on land ownership, management
  6. Non-police response to mental health crises
  7. Reducing red tape for businesses
  8. Gun violence prevention
  9. Renter protections
  10. Staff recruitment and retention

2020-2021 priorities (and status)

  1. Boulder Electric Utility Development (entered partnership with Xcel; work ongoing)
  2. Climate Commitment/Climate Mobilization Action Plan (adopted new goals and strategy)
  3. Community Benefits and Associated Site Review Criteria Updates – Phase 2 (opted not to expand established criteria)
  4. East Boulder Subcommunity Plan (90% complete; to be finished in 2022)
  5. Financial Strategy Study Committee (work ongoing)
  6. Homelessness (various work ongoing)
  7. Housing (various work ongoing)
  8. Police Oversight (established citizen oversight group, hired independent monitor)
  9. South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation/CU South Annexation (annexation approved; flood work ongoing)
  10. Use Tables and Standards – Phase 2 (work paused during pandemic)
  11. Vision Zero (residential speed limit lowered; other work ongoing)
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