Junie Joseph’s 2022 priorities

Councilwoman Joseph has the 5 following priorities for 2022 (notes for context). Not all items were included in the official council workplan.

Homeless services tax

Implement a homelessness tax like the one in Denver to fund service expansion, including a day shelter.

Election commission

Create an election commission or task force to review, recommend, and establish procedures for municipal elections.

Environmental sustainability

(Joseph did not have any particular policy proposals)

Planning reserve study

(Boulder owns 500 acres north of the city, set aside for parks land and future development. A study would reveal the feasibility of adding this land into city limits.)

Livable wage for city residents

(Joseph was a fan of the push for a higher minimum wage in Boulder or the county. Plans were abandoned with the start of the pandemic.)

See what Joseph campaigned on here.

View Joseph’s 2021 financial disclosures here.

Joseph’s 2020 priorities:

  1. CU South
  2. Vision Zero
  3. Financial review
  4. Open Space management
  5. Muni
  6. Intergovernmental Relations
  7. Boards and commissions
  8. Bilingual emergency communications
  9. Enhance housing choice: planning reserve
  10. Enhance housing choice: community benefit
  11. Improve human services
  12. Protect small businesses
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