Election 2019

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Ballot issues

Ballot issue 2G – Tax on tobacco vaping products

Ballot Issue 2H – Sales and use tax extension for open space and Long’s Gardens

Ballot issue 2I – Imposition of a middle-income housing program


Brian Dolan has a ‘general idea’ neighbors aren’t getting their say in Boulder government. And that’s about it. 40-year resident of Boulder lacks knowledge of most major issues

Rachel Friend: Follow facts, data to guide Boulder’s future Activist, attorney brings strong social justice background, consistent voice for flood mitigation

Junie Joseph: Students, renters deserve a seat at the table in Boulder decision-making Housing, equity top agenda of CU student, former U.N. worker

Mark Wallach: When it comes to Boulder government, ‘slower is smarter’ Retired developer, despite previous rhetoric, calls for calm, rational discourse

Benita Duran wants to ‘open the doors’ of Boulder government Former assistant city manager brings wealth of government, nonprofit experience

Corina Julca promised transparency. Then she declined this interview. Renter would bring diversity, but no accountability, to council

Bob Yates really, really wants to be reelected. His promise? ‘More of the same’ Councilman brings plenty of passion, patience in bid for second term

Adam Swetlik: Housing crisis is bigger than Boulder; solutions should be, too Bouncer-turned-politician takes second run at city council

Councilman Aaron Brockett: To create Boulder’s future, look to its present Quiet advocate for social justice, sustainable transportation seeks second term

Andy Celani: Keep Boulder Boulder Retired used car salesman says no to more housing, bikes; yes to open space

Nikki McCord wants Boulder to get comfortable with change Consultant, former lobbyist pledges to add affordable housing, eschews other issues

Gala Orba has plenty of ideas to solve Boulder’s big problems. But to find actual solutions, she’ll need a little help. Life coach would pursue plastics ban, residency requirements for city workers

Paul Cure clearly wants a seat at the table. What he’ll do with it is a little fuzzier. Former farmer won’t get specific on plans, policies

Susan Peterson: Protect Boulder’s environmental legacy ‘at all costs’ 12 years after first attempt, slow-growth advocate takes second crack at city council

In a ‘no’ town, Mark McIntyre wants Boulderites to say ‘yes’ Member of city transportation, election reform groups takes second shot at council

Published Oct. 24, 2019

— Shay Castle, boulderbeatnews@gmail.com, @shayshinecastle

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