Election 2023

Welcome to another local election cycle! Below, find profiles for all Boulder City Council and mayor candidates and explainers of all city and county ballot measures. (Click the headlines to read the articles.)

All items are listed in the order they appear on the ballot.

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Mayoral candidates

Aaron Brockett is ‘already on the ground running’ as Boulder’s mayor
After 8 years on City Council, mayor has long list of accomplishments

Councilwoman Nicole Speer is tired of ‘nibbling at the edges’ of Boulder’s big problems
Two-year councilwoman rejects the ‘status quo’ leadership of more experienced peers

Councilman Bob Yates struggles to lead from the bottom
Changing political scene makes for strange bedfellows, shifting priorities

Paul Tweedlie: Boulder’s self-proclaimed best fisherman runs for mayor
Scotsman wants to ‘preserve the town’ for future generations

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Voting records, 2019-2023
for Brockett, Yates, Speer and Tara Winer

Boulder City Council candidates

Boulder has ‘taken a wrong turn’ Terri Brncic wants to ‘get it back on track’
Mom, CFO motivated to run by encampments, propane tank explosion near Boulder High

Jenny Robins: Boulder should support families by supporting kids
Scout leader wants to establish teen center with mental health services

Aaron Gabriel Neyer leans into ‘regenerative relationships’ to solve Boulder’s climate, housing troubles
Former Google software engineer doesn’t have all the answers but ‘can be part of a team’

Jacques Decalo: Bring back the ‘golden standard’ of environmentalism
Youngest candidate wants Boulder to be ‘the most sustainable city in the world’

Silas Atkins takes on Boulder’s political establishment with idealism, lived experience
Renter, father and paraeducator believes meeting people’s basic needs are key to the city’s success

Waylon Lewis wants to make Boulder fun again
Well-known local Buddhist publisher is running on an ‘anti-conflict’ platform

Ryan Scuchard wants to save lives, money and the planet with better transportation
Boulder needs complete systems to tackle housing, transportation and climate change, father and climate professional says

Tara Winer has settled into the realities of governing
Councilwoman running for re-election on platform of public safety

Tina Marquis: To meet Boulder’s challenges, ‘we need to lead together’
Former school board president has focus on family housing

Taishya Adams has a vision for Boulder’s ‘just and joyous’ future
Equity and environment underpin platform for the only council candidate of color

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State ballot measures

Prop HH: What you need to know about tax relief plan
Measure would cut property taxes, but also TABOR refunds
By Colorado Sun

Prop II: Nicotine tax would pay for preschool
Measure lets state keep $24M in existing revenue
By Colorado Sun

Boulder County ballot measures

1A: Open Space Sales and Use Tax Extension
Should we keep paying a portion of sales tax to fund (primarily) the purchase of open space?

1B: Affordable Housing Tax Extension and Revenue Change
Should we keep paying a sales tax to fund affordable housing?

City of Boulder ballot measures

2A: City sales and use tax extension
Should we keep paying a sales tax that funds critical services but dedicate half the revenue to arts and culture?

2B: Elections Administrative Charter Cleanup
Should Boulder give petitioners more time to gather signatures, and the city clerk’s office more time to process them?

302: Safe Zones 4 Kids
Parents want schools, sidewalks and paths prioritized for encampment removals. City officials say it won’t change their approach.

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