An Opinionated Guide to (Local) Election 2022

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Boulder Beat solicited its Opinions and Perspectives writers, as well as community members, to write a Yes / Pro piece and a No / Con piece on this year’s local ballot items. Note: Not every item received both Yes and No submissions.

Boulder County Ballot Issues

1A: Countywide wildfire mitigation sales and use tax and revenue change
Should Boulder County pass a new sales tax to pay for wildfire prevention?

Yes on 1A: Fire risk is increasing; funding and prevention should, too
Prevention efforts buy time, safety for firefighters
By Paul Dennison, Four Mile Fire Protection District

No on 1A: County spending and taxes lack transparency
Plan for wildfire tax revenue is unclear
Compiled from comments by Matt Appelbaum, Macon Cowles and Paul Baryames

1B: Emergency services sales and use tax and revenue change
Should Boulder County pass a new sales tax to pay for ambulance, fire and search-and-rescue?

Yes on 1B: Tax will fund life-saving services
Steady funding stream will help with rising costs, demand
By Tom Isaacson, with the Yes on 1B campaign

No on 1B: Tax is too much, for too long
Amid already-growing county budget, tax language is too broadly written
From the voter guide of Matt Appelbaum and Macon Cowles

1C: Transportation sales and use tax extension and revenue change
Should Boulder County extend a transportation-funding sales tax?

Yes on 1C: Tax is crucial for fighting climate change
Revenue is only source of funding for bike, bus and pedestrian infrastructure
By Ryan Bonick

Boulder Beat did not receive a No on 1C op-ed

City of Boulder Ballot Issues

2A, 2B: Climate tax and bonds (TABOR)
Should Boulder combine two taxes into one (higher) tax to pay for climate initiatives?

Yes on 2A, 2B: Boulder should lead on climate change
Climate tax is imperative for planet’s future — and our own
By Fred Hobbs

No on 2A, 2B: Climate tax funds employee paychecks, not carbon reduction

2D: Charter Clarification of Candidate Issues
Should Boulder specify rules for candidates running for city council and/or mayor?

Yes on 2D: Changes will help retain essential experience on city council
Proposals reflect current practices, will of the people
By Ted Rockwell

No on 2D: Charter ‘clarifications’ limit choice
Proposed changes are bad for voters and candidates
By Celeste Landry

2E: Change Regular Municipal Election to Even Years
Should Boulder move city council elections to even years?

Yes on 2E: To broaden democracy, broaden the vote
Improving voter turnout is the right move — politically and morally
By Aidan Reed

No on 2E: Keep the focus on local issues
Moving municipal elections to even years would have unintended consequences
By the Save Local Elections campaign

2F: Repeal of Ordinance 8483, Regarding the Annexation of CU South
Should the annexation of CU South be undone?

Yes on 2F: Facts, science and a win-win
Boulder should pursue land swap, protections against larger storms
By Mike Chiropolos

No on 2F: Boulder needs flood protection, not endless negotiations
Existing annexation agreement is the best possible deal
By Jane Hummer

Special Districts

5A: Boulder Valley School District RE-2
Should BVSD borrow $350 million for maintenance, new schools and vocational programs?

Yes on 5A: Investing in school is investing in our children, community
Deteriorating buildings and an evolving economy require immediate attention
By Catherine Wessling and Allison Billings

No on 5A: Unanswered questions surround BVSD’s latest ask
District demonstrates lack of long-term planning, over reliance on taxpayers
Compiled from comments by Celeste Landry

6C: Boulder Public Library District
Should a library district be established and paid for by a new property tax?

Yes on 6C: A vote for the library district is a vote for our community
City funding and governance have led to depleted staff, services
By Andrea Steffes Tuttle

No on 6C: Library district is a tax increase without accountability
Self-governing district would duplicate spending, lack oversight
By the Keep Our Libraries campaign


These opinions do not constitute endorsements and do not necessarily reflect the views of Boulder Beat, its writers, editors or contributors

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