Election 2021

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Ballot issues

Ballot issues 2I and 2J – Community, Culture, Resilience and Safety tax extension, bond issuance
Should Boulderites keep paying a sales tax to fund infrastructure?

Ballot Question 2K – Council subcommittees
Should council formalize its rules for forming subcommittees?

Ballot Question 2L – Clarification of signatures for petitions
Should rules around referendum petitions be made uniform in Boulder’s charter?

Ballot Question 2M – Council payment schedule
Should council be paid on a regular schedule, rather than per meeting?

Ballot Question 300 – Bedrooms Are For People
Should Boulder change its rules for unrelated renters (occupancy limits)?

Ballot Question 301 – Humane Clothing Act
Should Boulder ban (some) fur products?

Ballot Question 302 – Let the Voters Decide on CU South Annexation
Petition is null after council-approved annexation, city officials say
Read before you vote: CU South Annexation – A Primer



This order is how they will appear on your ballot

Michael Christy wants to save Boulder from itself
Lawyer, mediator sees division, polarization as big problem

Mark Wallach wants to keep pushing the rock up the hill
One-term councilman is only incumbent seeking re-election

For Lauren Folkerts, community is the magic ingredient
Housing, climate woven throughout architect’s platform

Matt Benjamin hopes third time’s the charm
Freelance astronomer wants to change the system from the inside

For David Takahashi, it all comes back to climate, community
Muni proponent wants to give government back to the people

Tara Winer strives for balance in Boulder
Business owner, board member brings skill, experience

Dr. Nicole Speer: Let equity drive Boulder’s decision-making
Housing, inclusion are sole priorities for research director

Dan Williams wants Boulder’s reality to match its rhetoric
Local attorney centers social justice in campaign

Steven Rosenblum wants to move past Boulder’s baggage. Can he overcome his own?
Voters will have to reconcile financial manager’s rhetoric on homelessness

Jacques Decalo is not afraid to be extreme
Youngest candidate thinks council needs a push on climate


Political groups

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Election spending

Follow the (admittedly small-time) money

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