Election 2022

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Boulder County Ballot Issues

1A: Countywide wildfire mitigation sales and use tax and revenue change
Should Boulder County pass a new sales tax to pay for wildfire prevention?

1B: Emergency services sales and use tax and revenue change
Should Boulder County pass a new sales tax to pay for ambulance, fire and search-and-rescue?

1C: Transportation sales and use tax extension and revenue change
Should Boulder County extend a transportation-funding sales tax?

City of Boulder Ballot Issues

2A, 2B: Climate tax and bonds (TABOR)
Should Boulder combine two taxes into one (higher) tax to pay for climate initiatives?

2C: Repeal of Library Commission and Tax if Library District Created
If the library district is OK’ed by voters, should Boulder remove references to the library in its charter?

2D: Charter Clarification of Candidate Issues
Should Boulder specify rules for candidates running for city council and/or mayor?

2E: Change Regular Municipal Election to Even Years
Should Boulder move city council elections to even years?

2F: Repeal of Ordinance 8483, Regarding the Annexation of CU South
Should the annexation of CU South be undone?

Special Districts

5A:Boulder Valley School District RE-2
Should BVSD borrow $350 million for maintenance, new schools and vocational programs?

6C: Boulder Public Library District
Should a library district be established and paid for by a new property tax?

State Ballot Issues – from Colorado Sun

Amendment D: New 23rd district judges
Should the state constitution be amended to reflect creation of a new judicial district? 

Amendment E: Extend homestead exemption to Gold Star spouses
Should property tax breaks be given to the widows and widowers of fallen military members?

Amendment F: Changes to charitable gaming operations
Should nonprofit employees be paid to run charity raffles or BINGO games?

Prop FF: Healthy school meals for all
Should free school meals be funded by reducing a tax break for Coloradans earning over $300,000 per year?

Prop GG: Add tax information table to petitions and ballots
Should proposed changes to income tax also specify how much different income groups will pay or save?

Prop 121: State income tax rate reduction
Should the state income tax rate be decreased (again) from 4.55% to 4.4%?

Prop 122: Access to natural psychedelic substances
Should “magic mushrooms” be decriminalized? 

Prop 123: Dedicate revenue for affordable housing programs
Should Colorado set aside $300 million annually for affordable housing?

Prop 124: Increase allowable liquor store locations
Should liquor retailers be allowed to open an unlimited number of stores, starting in 2037?

Prop 125: Allow grocery stores to sell wine
Should grocery stores be allowed to sell wine starting in 2023?

Prop 126: Third-party delivery of alcoholic beverages
Should restaurants be allowed to keep selling to-go alcohol?

Full Colorado Sun voter guide 

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